Mail Address Obfuscator

Japanese text here.

This is an e-mail notation which avoids a SPAM robot.

The made HTML tag displays a mail address. It is not found by the mail address collection robot for SPAM mail.

Very short TAG size, Anti OCR robot (may be).

How to Use

1) Please put in a mail address.

2) Please choose the size of a character.


3) Please choose the color of a character.

4) It is a mail address image.

5) Font list


6) It is the HTML TAG for a mail address display.

7) Test HTML TAG action. (Please click)

8) The installation to your WEB page

  • Please choose favorite "mail address image."
  • Please right-click on selected image and "Save as ..."
    Save name as "m.png".
    It seems that there is also a browser which does not work. In this case, a picture is saved by a drug at a desktop.
  • Please copy & paste a display code to a place to display the mail address in an your HTML file.
  • Image & HTML file is set to the same directory.
    A display will be performed if an HTML file is opened by a browser.
    If it clicks image, Mail Application will receive a mail address.

9) Advance

  • If a font list is edited, it can draw with arbitrary fonts.
  • If a PNG file is optimized by PunyPNG etc., size will decrease dramatically.
  • The mail address image is made like a "link text."
    Please choose a color etc. according to the link color of your page.

10) Technical matter

  • A mail address is displayed also when the Javascript disable.
  • Since it is one image tag, it is ignored when an image display cannot be carried out, and there is no bad influence.

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(last modify 2013-03-14)

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